Small changes and some news…

Am building a new iso image with some very small changes. Installed Sublime-Text editor and was trying it out by checking code in abinstall. Have been using Vim for quite a few months and had really started to get used to it for basic editing of files. Think with abinstall I have the mind set Small changes and some news…

Install or build iso?

Was looking at other Arch installers that are currently available. Really thought ChrisTitusTech Arch installer would be a good base but I am not that keen on using a network based installer. Archfi is another and that also is a network based installer. Abinstall for now seems to work ok, not sure how long it Install or build iso?

Mini How To UEFI aka Systemd Boot

Was trying to install ArchBang on an old thin client and was not having any luck getting it to boot. Tried to mount ESP partition to /boot, /boot/efi with no luck. To make matters worse I had a kernel update install and that meant system was not booting into correct kernel despite having updated (mkinitcpio Mini How To UEFI aka Systemd Boot

Can anyone spare any coin?

I do not know really that much about cryptocurrency, have often been asked if I can accept it. Do have an account at Coinbase so can create a wallet for a given coin provided they support it. If anyone wants to support ArchBang in this manner then the following is my wallet address for Dogecoin Can anyone spare any coin?

Automounting in ArchBang

Latest iso image includes gvfs package, it allows storage media to be automounted. For example if you plug in a usb drive you can view contents in pcmanfm file manager. Also allows mounting of local drives too. Just be careful that you do not make any changes to host system files (unless you know what Automounting in ArchBang

Look down back of your sofa…

Quick post to ask you just to check if you have a spare dollar to help out with ArchBang project. A couple of dollars would really help me out at the moment. Cost of everything is going up. My aim is to reach a thousand dollars, this would mean I would no longer need Google Look down back of your sofa…

New feature.. Settings in Openbox Menu

This weeks iso update includes a new Openbox menu option, called Settings. I have put in two sub menus one for Openbox configuration and one for Pacman to set up servers. They allow you to edit menu.xml (Openbox main menu), rc.xml (Openbox configuration file) and autostart (as name suggests it is where applications are started New feature.. Settings in Openbox Menu

Openbox menu or open rofi?

Trying to think of a way to make it easier for a user to view and change settings (Openbox,Pacman etc). Have config_edit script setup to open rofi and give a user a selection of options. This is fine but was thinking of adding to Openbox menu to make things even easier. Also the current list Openbox menu or open rofi?