Time for an update….

Am going to update iso image in a short while no major changes updated packages and new kernel.

Downloads have been quite poor this week, guessing everyone is enjoying the hot weather. Am going to hold off Summer release as I am focused on switching ArchBang to use Sway. As you can imagine I will have my work cut out with package changes, new themes and getting installer working with Sway.

Been running Sway on both my desktop and laptop for a couple of weeks now and have not noticed any major problems. Have most things set up, think of Wayland like a web page and you start to get the idea.

Have decided to go with Waybar for panel and Wofi as a replacement for Rofi. Other apps like Thunar and L3afpad even Firefox just work out of the box though themes can be a bit tricky sometimes. Foot terminal is very minimal and really does not get in the way. Added to the fact that Wayland has a compositor built in gives you a new world of things to play with.

Right had better get iso image updated.

Enjoy the weekend.

Stay safe…