Want to try out Sway live? Read on….

Was talking the living legend Joe at Endeavouros about a live Wayland based iso. Did try to run Fedora plasma wayland but could not get it to work so thought about building my own based on Archlinux. First major issue is that Wayland refuses to run under Virtualbox [at least on my system] know that it may work under Qemu…

Anyway built a very rough version that I could test on real hardware and this is the result.


Plenty of work to do before it is something I would release to the world…. oh wait I already have!!!

Project Vole Sway Live image….

It is very much work in progress so do not expect anything to work or run, might crash you have been warned.

If there is any interest or coffee, lots of beer or even feedback then I might carry on getting it more like ArchBang.

Stay safe 😉