The very next day a kernel update…

Well it always happens a new day and a kernel update, have rebuilt image and am uploading it now.

Still not happy with bar in sway, waybar is good but most of the features I would never need or use. So went back to a simple script to display date and time. Have switched to using wofi but not figured out how to get it run terminal commands. Did read that it is tied to Gnome-Terminal not sure if that is true. More work needs to be done.

Weird thing is I find myself floating more windows and making then transparent, most of time I really do not see background like now while I blog in Firefox. At this rate I will be using Openbox again 😉

Swaymsg is amazing, find it easy to create scripts and binds to control all sorts of things in Sway [ similar to i3msg ]. In the screenshot I have a window that I used a keybind to toggle opacity. You can of course use ipc too, but I would need to code in Python as it did not seem to work in bash.

Keep the coffee coming, enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Stay safe 😉