Some frequently asked questions about ArchBang:

What is the user/root password? With ArchBang live user and root passwords are not set, if you need to be root then use sudo.

Why do you ask for donations? While ArchBang iso images are free to use hosting and domain name cost real money.

Do I need a network connection to install? No network connection is required to install ArchBang.

How many people work on ArchBang project? Just me! I do this as a hobby.

What desktop/window manager do you use? I use i3 and have done for many years, but I am always tempted to run Plasma.

What can I do to help? Some feedback, coffee or a small donation helps keep the lights on and make my job worth while.

What is your favourite Arch spin off? Has to be EndeavoursOS gets better with every release, now Plasma based.