Mid week update and Archlinux news

Decided to update ArchBang iso today as there could be no pacman updates over the weekend. Here is a link to changes coming in Archlinux news, this should not really affect most users unless you are using testing. So this image will have latest kernel and packages and will rebuild if things change over the Mid week update and Archlinux news

Quick iso update…

Am building a new iso image for uploading very soon. Mostly package updates. Will be starting work on Summer release very soon, mostly new themes and colours. Think I need to look at Guide [shipped with iso] as its getting a little out of date. Still in two minds about starting ssh on live iso, Quick iso update…

Adding dynamic tilting to i3

One of the best features in DWM was the way it allowed dynamic tiling of windows. You can do this in i3 but it involves many key binds and reduces workflow. Have used autotiling script in the past but found it did not work all the time. Came across this which uses python libraries to Adding dynamic tilting to i3