Quite a few fixes and background now works….

Had quite a few issues with last iso image, namely no background or icons on panel. Thankfully have fixed both issues,was simply a case of missing packages. Started working on getting a theme going. Background is a image I took on my phone last weekend. Waybar has many more features as well as some application launchers, will need to color those but I am working on it. Wofi will get updated very soon to match.

Do need to work on Guide and adding more features, exitmenu will be next on my list.

Thank you for bearing with me, although sway is i3 like there are still many things that a completely different.

Quite limited as regards to testing so I use my laptop as a live version of ArchBang and can make changes that can be added to iso image.

Right iso image uploaded, fingers crossed this one works 😉

Stay safe ….