Double trouble… or have uploaded two is images…

Right updated ArchBang iso with latest packages and have uploaded image. Rebuild Project Vole with some minor changes and have uploaded that image too.

Currently running Sway on both my desktop and laptop and for my daily needs have not found any major problems, other than still setting things up.

Am going to switch Vole to use Waybar as it has many useful features and additions over i3blocks. Do need to theme it and work on adding useful features in the near future.

Replaced bemnu with wofi again more useful features and you can run both terminal and desktop applications from it. Although it is not working as it should at the moment as Gnome-Terminal seems to be running ;-(

Will keep working on Vole to get things set up, if anyone knows what I doing wrong with Wofi or can suggest a good config for Waybar please let me know.

Stay safe 😉