Welcome to ArchBang Live a live iso [].

Information here is as up to date as possible.

Please do not post issues or problems related to ArchBang on Archlinux forums it will result in at best your thread closed or worse deleted.

====i3 Window Manager====

Will give a brief overview of ArchBang version.

Some useful keybinds are:

Super+t terminal
Super+w Firefox browser
Super+f Thunar file manager

You will also see launchers on panel for above, as well as workspaces, networking, volume, cpu usage, ram usage, time and date, tray and power options.

Also applications can be started from Rofi by using Super + d. If you want to open htop a terminal application use Shift key plus return.

Window manager controls:

Super+Shift+Space toggle window floating

Super+Sapce switch between floating and tiled windows

Super+[0-9] select workspace [1 -10]

Super+Shift+[0-9] move selcted window to given workspace

Super+q closes a window and the application in most cases, some gui apps will use there own keybinds.

Super+[Arrow keys] move around workspace windows. adding shift will move windows around workspace.

Super+Shift+r is important if you make any changes to i3 it will reload all configs.

Super+b opens Rofi with a full list of keybinds in i3


To run installer either run sudo abinstall in a terminal of use Super + i keybinding

If you wish to set up partitions before running installer either do so manually in a terminal or use gparted [note to work under wayland you will need to use sudo -E gparted].

Once complete then simply mount new partitions to /mnt.

The installer is menu driven and very easy to follow.

Another online guide


To get pacman running live you will need a working network connection, either wired [connects automatically] or wireless [open a terminal and run menu driven tmtui].

Check/Setup mirrorlist you may have it already setup via installer [working network] or you can check it in a terminal by running abserver script.

Update pacman keyring and packages:

sudo pacman -Syyu archlinux-keyring

Then you can search for a package of choice using:

sudo pacman -Ss

Install a pacakge using

sudo pacman -S

Post install you can set up pacman as above but you will need to enable pacman-keys

sudo pacman-key –init
sudo pacman-key populate

For more help, guides search the Arch Wiki []

====Tips and tricks?====

Desktop Keyboard Layout Live check file ~/.config/i3/config, edit line setxkbmap “us” (change us to your keyboard layout)

No Super key [Windows Logo] on your keyboard then you can switch to Alt by using Alt+m.

Want to change add autostart applications that run on logging into i3 window manager

Then look in ~/.config/i3/config find the Autostart section near end of file and make changes.

Wallpaper is set in line:

exec_always $ei feh –bg-scale ~/Backgrounds/graveyard.jpg

Put your new wallpaper in ~/Backgrounds then edit the above line to your new wallpaper file name.