Update including latest kernel, a minor fix and stuff….

Am building a new iso image which includes latest kernel. Bought a Sony Vaio off a friend for a few pounds and I love it, its old not very powerful but still a joy to use. First job upgrades, more ram, a bigger SSD, new cmos battery and clean of fan and re-paste cpu. Got a new charger and battery coming too. Second was install ArchBang yay! As always simple, fast and no fuss. Did notice a problem! initramfs was still building using xz compression, now I thought I had installer change it [or rather comment it out], so it should run stock zstd. Checked code and all seemed ok until it hit me, the sed command was doing nothing as I had forgotten the -i flag [change file]. Fixed now in this release.

So June is here and I really need to start work on Summer release…. Planning a few changes so watch this space.

Right uploading now, see you on Twitter 😉

Stay safe….