Updated iso 02/08 UEFI fix

Working my way through Archiso I managed to get an iso to boot (finally). With so many changes to source files something was going to slip through the net. After testing UEFI booting noticed that configs (entries) were missing. Fixed all booting options now. Development of Archiso has rapidly increased in the last few weeks Updated iso 02/08 UEFI fix

Updating source files

Have spend time today updating source files to bring them more in line with Archiso. Quite a few changes, mostly for the better. Did have some problems with syslinux, then no splash image but think I have got it figured out. Will upload new iso for testing. Hopefully installer still works (something I will have Updating source files

Hosting, Domains and Support

Looking to upgrade my hosting and domains, maybe even look at some form of support forum. To this end I am looking for help. Downloads of ArchBang are still at an all time high. Need to get Autumn release started so over next few weeks will be working towards changing themes and look. Firefox will Hosting, Domains and Support

Autumn release and updated iso

Have uploaded a new iso with updated kernel and packages. Am starting work on Autumn release very soon. Need to create custom theme for Openbox and GTK3, which will be based on the current Arc themes. May drop lxappearence live as there is little point changing gtk3 theme. Obconf will remain as it can be Autumn release and updated iso

Zen installer fix

Have noticed that in recent versions of ArchBang Zen-installer script fails. It seems that when I uncomment servers in local script the world wide mirrors (first in list) are used. These servers do not seem fully up to date and script fails as it cannot find certain required libraries. Future releases will force user to Zen installer fix

Late build

Have had a few days away, now back to the builds. Will very shortly start uploading an updated iso. If I have time I may start working towards Autumn release. Other jobs this week is get archbang.org SSL certificate working. Very long winded process but worth it in the end. Anyway uploading now… Stay safe Late build

Quick update

Uploaded a fresh iso today, basically a package update. Still working on source files have to sort journalctl (a file rename in installer). Still amazed at sheer number of downloads. Am going to test a fresh install of ArchBang under virtualbox as some users are having issue with missing libraries. Did not seem to have Quick update

RC iso version on the way

After a few hours work I am very close to a ‘rc’ version of ArchBang. Still need to test/check uefi. Did miss a variable in syslinux config but have fixed that. If you hit TAB at boot screen you will see ‘%ARCH%’ which should be x86_64. Am uploading a new version now so should be RC iso version on the way

Last update….

I checked out archiso gitlab the other day and it turns out I am way out of date with source file and recent changes. Will have to work on getting source up to date along with config files. Am really hoping it will reduce image size. Next release will be ‘rc’ until I can be Last update….

Weekly update

Yesterday uploaded a new iso just to keep things up to date. Still working on an Artix version kind of works but needs a little more work before I release it. Autumn release I am really tempted to switch to a tiling window manager but I know that would upset many users. Am messing around Weekly update