Can archinstall be used to install ArchBang?

Following my last post I have been reading up more about Archinstall and have found that it supports profiles. Looking at them they are at the simplest a list of packages to install based on a given Window Manager. Profile will in turn load Xorg and graphical drivers.

So in theory it could load packages found in ArchBang [ie Openbox, Conky, Tint etc]. That said you would have a fully installed system based on Openbox but and without any of configs/setting present in ArchBang. Basically Wallpaper, Panel set up, Menus, Keybinds all the things that come out of the box. Now that said it would not be difficult to add/copy those configs across to new install. All that would be needed is a point of entry or a way of adding a script or function to achieve this.

First thing I need to do is test a basic profile first then add in packages to allow me to see if it is at all possible.

The downside of all this is you do need a working network connection.

Just thinking out loud 😉

Stay safe