Testing out DK Window Manager and Iso Update

Was checking out Archlabs new iso release this week and came across the DK Tiling Window Manager. Dk is based on dwm, bspwm and is written from scratch. It uses sxhkd to grab keybinds, it is very easy to understand and add your own bindings. First thing I did was change alt to super key [my bind key of choice], also replaced st with lxterminal. Also note you need to change alt key in dkrc file as well. My own mistake was I forgot to change dkrc to be executable, which meant my keyboard bindings were not working. Note to self check README!!!!

DK does not come with a panel/taskbar so I added in tint2 with minima theme need to work on its config but gives you an idea on its overall look. Note the border on the active window a nice touch…

Very easy to install, setup and configure. A simple panel would be nice but is not a deal breaker for me. Anyway going to live with dk on my laptop for a while see how I get on.

You can find more about dk on Archlabs forums here

Would love to create a special edition of ArchBang to showcase dk even if it just shows what it can do.

Updated and uploaded new iso 😉

Stay safe….