Update and Ads…..

Another week a new iso image, quite a few package updates as well as new kernel.

Managed to get iso looping working quite well, added comments to my config and will get a howto page done soon. Also got persistence working though I had to use a second drive [will look into that]. So you can have live image, change settings, install packages and have them saved for the next time you boot. Almost tempted to say system runs quicker than from usb. For now it works only from Grub bootloader not looked at UEFI or systemd-boot.

Have also made some changes to Guide page as it was a bit of a mess, still needs work but most of the general information is there. Running live and post install instructions are needed to get a user up and running. At the moment live you do need to set up mirrors for pacman to work. Installed you need to create keys and check mirrors [if not done live before install].

Decided to try AdSense to website to try to bring in more money towards project. It is something I have resisted for many years as I do not really like websites that are overloaded with ads and popups. On a positive note is a passive way to support project. Am thinking of trying to add Linode as an affiliate or sponsor.

Think adding my Wallet as a way of donations was not a good idea, may remove it in the near future. Am sure no one is interested in giving away coins 😉

Stay safe 😉