Another week another iso

Uploading a new up to date iso. Only minor changes this week to give a more green theme 😉 Have had some questions about persistence in ArchBang, archiso does support it but it is limited and is a little awkward to set up. Hoping to test over the weekend to see how difficult it is Another week another iso

October Iso

Uploaded yesterday a new iso and lo and behold Arch updated its kernel overnight. Am rebuilding as I type. After watching DistroTube on you tube was thinking of bringing back compton (picom) for a bit of eye candy. Certainly his green theme interested me 😉 Feel free to contact me if you have any issues October Iso

New iso, minor updates

Another week, new iso. Been getting my old laptop setup with Windows 10. Only took two hours to create usb and install. Then I installed ArchBang in less than twenty minutes Arch was installed updated and running i3 Firefox … nice. My reason for installing Windows 10 is that I fix classic ipods and need New iso, minor updates

Update the update

I uploaded an iso yesterday and today another kernel update. Have rebuilt the iso for your delight and pleasure. After upgrading my system I rebooted to run new kernel only to find that uefi had broken. I quickly reached for my ArchBang usb stick and booted into Openbox and started digging around trying to find Update the update

History Lesson

I have been working on ArchBang for nearly ten years now, quite a few changes in that time. Project was started by Willextreme who created iso and installer. I would visit the AB forums and make a nuisance of myself. Was always interested in how isos worked and were created. Will then had commitments with History Lesson

Beta uploaded, test test test!

So I have built and uploaded a new beta based on current archiso scripts, will need testing…. Currently having issues with VirtualBox (freezing system) so can only really test under Qemu. Still shipping with Netsurf browser as Firefox is HUUUGGGEEE!!! so iso is now around 800Mbs. ArchBang as it stands has not really changed much Beta uploaded, test test test!

Massive changes in Archiso.

Have been slowly getting new Archiso scripts working with ArchBang. They use a profile rather than build script to create Arch media. Did not take me long to make it work with ArchBang, simply made mkarchiso my build script… Know that more changes are on the way so Autumn release may take a little while Massive changes in Archiso.

At last 5.8 kernel

Have updated iso to run new 5.8 kernel, minor changes too zen-installer. Given a working network connection, mirrors/servers should be automatic now. At some point may improve config_edit script to work the same. Next few weeks are going to be a busy for me (real world) so may not update again until September. Downloads of At last 5.8 kernel

Zen-mode in ArchBang beta

Have made changes to ArchBang to make it even easier to use Zen-Installer. Code named ‘Zen-Mode’ check conky on screen and you will see ‘Super + z’ keybind. This will allow you run Zen-Installer directly from keyboard. Once script starts user is warned about loading of Zen and wallpaper will change too. Have tried to Zen-mode in ArchBang beta

Issues with recent releases….

Have been working towards updating source files based on recent archiso updates. Managed to get an iso to build and run, did not think about installer. An email from a user that was having problems with syslinux so decided to test install and sure enough it failed. Not only that /boot was empty!!!! This morning Issues with recent releases….