Slight change to iso image.

ArchBang live does not have any of pacmans servers active. They are by default commented out. Archlinux is only useful if you have a working network connection. When running live iso ethernet/wired connection should be enabled by default. Wireless you do need to find your connection [SSID] and enter a password, which should be just clicking network icon in panel. Pacman-keys are enabled by default so why can you just run pacman?

So if you have a working network connection then opening a terminal and running ‘sudo pacman -Syyu’ should update databases and allow you to install packages or refresh packages. That said you do need to enable your local servers. How? well open a terminal and run ‘sudo nano /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist’ uncomment servers nearest to you and save and exit.

If servers are enabled by default only the arch servers are used, not generally a good idea as subject to where you are they may be slower than local ones. Rankmirrors is part of ArchBang and could be used to find fastest server. Again you do need an active connection for it to work.

Have left setting up of mirrors to user by either manual edit of mirrorlist or via installer, again limited to a working connection.

Getting to the point, am going to build next release with servers active. This means less work for user to get pacman up and running. Abinstall might need changes too but will look at that. Servers will of course need to set up installed and or updated subject to changes upstream.

Without a network connection Archlinux is not really that much use other than a rescue, recovery system. You can install ArchBang without a network connection which is the fastest way to get up and running [even on a bus!].

This change will affect next release and I will post about changes and effects then.

Stay safe…