Openbox is staying….

My recent posts have let to some confusion, so figure I would explain myself. CrunchBang inspired ArchBang and it was then an attempt to make an Archlinux based version. CrunchBang used Openbox and so it followed ArchBang did the same. When I first started using Archlinux I ran Gnome. Remember reading about Openbox at the time and how you could run it as a window manager for Gnome. Did not take me long to find out I could do without Gnome and just run Openbox. Did so for many years, even after trying a whole host of other Window Managers. Seemed to always return to Openbox as I just felt it did what I needed.

Kept reading about tiling window managers and about five years tried i3. At first I found it odd and awkward, was just so used to pointing and clicking. Then found myself using keyboard more and more. As I got the hang of i3, really started to like it. Having ten workspaces really makes a difference to keeping screens less cluttered. Shifting between them is easy and I no longer have the need or titlebars, icons, buttons or borders.

I am still undecided on DWM. While it is fast and does have better window management found constant building and patching a royal pain. Spent more time changing, or to use the youngs term ‘ricing’ it. To no real end.

DK is interesting and does have many advantages over DWM. It is more like a better version of BSPWM. The fact that it does not have a simple panel/bar did not put me off a little.

The bottom line is run any of the window manager,desktop,tiling manager you want. ArchBang can easily be loaded with other window managers via pacman.

Would I go back to Openbox? Sure if I could make it more of a tiler 😉

Stay safe ….