Another kernel another upload

Just a quick thank you to all who have donated towards hosting, ArchBang lives for another year 😉 Am uploading a new iso (well updated) am trying to keep iso as fresh as possible. Real world news have been down with a rotten cold this week so not much time at the terminal. Feeling a Another kernel another upload

Hosting up for renewal

So my hosting comes up for renewal very soon. Looking at around $75 the year. Got about a third of that in donations. Iso building is starting to be an expensive hobby 😉 Have uploaded another iso after a recent kernel update. Am thinking of switching ArchBang to a tiling window manager but that might Hosting up for renewal

Update, Hosting Costs and some news…

Quick iso update (new kernel) 😉 In other news I have been chatting with other Arch based distro developers and have found it refreshing. Certainly in awe at how polished and clean these distros are. Not mention any names … (ArchLabs, EndeavourOS and the mighty Zen-installer) Am still working on Project Vole switching too Bspwm, Update, Hosting Costs and some news…

RC vs Beta

Some of you may have noticed that ArchBang uses RC or Beta in its iso title. Basically RC releases are updates to iso mainly for minor fixes or package updates. Beta on the other hand are more for testing and may have features or issues. Neither are harmful to a users system as unless an RC vs Beta

Day after update

Turns out Archlinux updated kernel the day after I uploaded Winter release, so I have rebuilt using new kernel… Have removed auto log in post install, this simply means you will be dropped to text log in asking for username and password. Once entered Openbox will start as normal.Thought about adding a display manager but Day after update

Artix based Vole iso

Have just uploaded a Vole iso based on Artix, using there own build scripts. It does still need work and is a little bloated at the moment. Grub needs attention and package list needs to be improved. Am thinking of switching Spectrwm to Bspwm (with sxhkd) not only is Bspwm lighter but has many interesting Artix based Vole iso

Happy Holidays Everyone :-)

Just wanted to wish all of you Happy Holidays and a Happy New year. Working slowly on getting Vole switched to using Artix source files. Looking at mid January for Winter release, will try to get Firefox and gparted to return if I can save some space. Thinking of using this for new release. As Happy Holidays Everyone 🙂