Summer Beta Release, switch to i3 tiling window manager

Will be uploading a Summer Beta release today running i3 tiling window manager. Really wanted to build an i3 based iso for a long time and with so little feedback I figure now is the time to play around with iso image.

Look and feel is similar to ArchBang Openbox, conky is still present, windows have titlebars and there is a basic panel.

All I can say is try it out, get the hang of tiling and just have fun.

Have included some basic keyboard binds, which are very like Openbox version. Rofi is really your friend, it is used to replace dmenu for application launching (as there is no menu in i3). I have a very simple exit menu which allows you to log out, reboot and shutdwon system. Would not be too difficult to add suspend or hibernate options is needed. Think I have got theme working across iso, know that flower background was far too busy so have used a photo I took on a recent break.

If you really want a floating window then use Super + Shift + Space, you can move it around using mouse by clicking titlebar or resize using right click and drag.

Installer should work as normal.

Need to work on updating Guide both here and on iso ….

Any issues, suggestions or feedback then please feel free to contact me.

Stay safe 😉