IWD for testing

Added iwd package for testing under ArchBang. Network manager will use iwd to handle wireless connections. As my desktop is using a wired connection I cannot really test it, so you will have to let me know if it is working?

Would like to be able to remove Network Manager and applet and handle wireless connections via rofi. Know there is an applet available for iwd but I could not get it working. Another problem is how to deal with wired connections as iwd currently does not handle them. Might be a combination of systemd-networkd or adding in a udev rule not sure yet.

Other things I have been working on is abserver script to make its logic better and to remove array. I tend to code something, make it work and then reduce lines of code by half. ArchBang scripts are now in AB_Scripts folder, post install once you have pacman keys and servers set the folder can be removed.

Stay safe 😉