Starting on new release….

Had a little time over weekend to start work on summer release. One major change is I am switching ArchBang to use i3 tiling window manager. Not a decision I took lightly but I very rarely use Openbox and find it slows down my workflow. I have to be mindful that others may find tiling window managers difficult and awkward (at first) to use. So with that in mind I had to keep some familiar options. Conky shows some useful key board shorts as in other ArchBang versions.

May have most things working, need to test installer and for now Summer version is very much Beta!.

Very clean screenshot…


I can hear saying ‘a floating window’ well yes just to show background and conky. All done using Super + Shift + space toggles a window to floating mode.

Will upload something the weekend for you to test once I am happy that installer is working.

Any suggestions or feedback then please feel free to contact me.

As always stay safe.. 😉