Nice Fresh Iso with 5.17.7 Kernel

Uploaded a new iso with latest kernel…

Here the sun is finally out so am making the most of the good weather. At the end of month hope to be able to find a new background photo for Summer release. If there are applications or changes that would make ArchBang better then please email me.

Been busy setting up my miner box running ArchBang of course. Waiting for Amazon to drop off a usb wifi dongle so I can make box fully off grid. On to do list is possibly a cron job to turn on miner at quiet times (through the night into early morning). My better half is still working from home so slowing network connection will not help her. We are getting a upgrade to our internet so hope to be running at 500Mbs, rather than the 50Mbs we get now. This might allow me to update iso more often if any major upgrades happen upstream.

On the support front nothing, nada which is a little disappointing as I am now selling off most of my tech junk on Ebay to make ends meet. So if you can spare a dollar please think about a donation or following one of my other support options.

As always stay safe 😉