Last iso before Summer release.

Will upload a fresh iso image today then will start work on summer release. Do not think there are any major changes in this iso other than systemd update and some xorg packages.

Really hoping that I can remove google ads soon, just waiting to get to $60 (minimum before payout can be made). Think a sponsor or single advertiser would be far better and less intrusive.

On the mining front I am close to a full Doge coin 😉 only taken about a week but I guess something from nothing. Given the current turmoil in coin at the moment I have certainly made no money, or even lost some. Solar miner has had a battery upgrade as I noticed power would go out in the night. Have added a cpu core making a total of the to u hash rate and may go all in (4 cores) if temps are stable.

As always any questions, suggestions or donations please feel free to contact me.

Stay safe 😉