Beta version includes zen-insaller

Am building and soon going to upload ArchBang with zen_installer Zen-installer will install Arch Linux plus a desktop or window manager with various packages and applications. Configure a user, keyboard layout, pacman servers plus much much more. A network connection (wired or wireless) is required…Network manager will automatically connect to a wired connection, wifi users Beta version includes zen-insaller

Adding zen-installer to ArchBang

I have a few requests in the past for a network based flexible installer. Well I came across revenge (now called zen-installer). After emailing developer I am starting to test it under ArchBang. To do this I had to add zenity which pulls in webkit2gtk, to reduce iso size I switched firefox to midori. The Adding zen-installer to ArchBang

Kernel updates again

It seems Archlinux updates its kernel on a daily basis! Am trying to keep iso fresh but its not easy 😉 Not even started on Summer release yet, more of a theme update than anything else. Am getting some feedback on lack of support with ArchBang. At the moment I am running iso, website on Kernel updates again

Quick update

Added Testdisk package to iso, ideal if you want to try to recover lost files on a drive. Not much else really simply wanted to bring iso up to date. Download are once again at an all time high, thank you 😉 Feel free to buy me a coffee, link on main page. Right back Quick update

Updated Spring Release

Arch is bringing out a new kernel everyday. Decided to update Spring release, basically updated packages (Firefox returns). Soon start work on Summer release. Please let me know if there is a certain application you would like to see in ArchBang, then feel free to contact me. Have made some changes to guide (mostly my Updated Spring Release

Beta iso…

Well not that long after Spring release I started working on beta iso. Some minor changes, was not happy with pacman script so have added some commands to .bashrc (an alias and a function). setup-pacman-key does exactly that and works live as well as post install. Setup-mirror allows users to edit mirrorlist to enable local Beta iso…

Change of plan…

Was not happy with pacman-setup script so have added two functions too ~/.bashrc. Quite torn as I do not want to hide these from user but I figure only other option is a ~/Bin or ~/Scripts which just seems messy. Have updated Guide to reflect changes (must do one online at some point). So you Change of plan…

ArchBang Spring Release

Am in the process of uploading ArchBang Spring release to sourceforge. Updated packages, change of theme and added in Nitrogen wallpaper manager. Major changes to note: pacman-init and dhcp service are not run at boot of live iso. This means that ArchBang boots much faster. Downside is user needs to run a script called pacman-setup ArchBang Spring Release