A quick thank you continued support

Just a post to say thank you for all the support, donations and messages. ArchBang was always to me a hobby, first helping out at forums then taking over development of iso. Juggling work and limited spare time to keep project active.

Started reading up on Cryptocurrency added a wallet address from Coinbase to donations page. Though they do not support all coins figured it may help some people who are unsure about paypal. Difficult to say if these coins are good or a bad thing. Not had any donations in this manner yet!

Really tempted to add advertising. Last time I tried ad-sense my eldest daughter had the bright idea to help out by clicking links, a large number of times. Google of course did not like that and I got banned and lost any money earned. Did look at adding an affiliate link, tried Linode but process seemed complicated.

Was messing around loop mounting iso from grub aka Frugal Install. What is it? Simply put you add a boot option to grub menu from which an iso image is mounted [loop] and run as you would from a usb drive. Given a linux partition on a hard drive you can add a folder for iso images and copy them into directory and boot them as if they were on a usb drive. Advantages are you do not need a usb stick, no need to burn image and you can multiple isos in a single folder. Disadvantages are more the fact of persistence [something I have not tried yet] and you cannot fully update system, ie kernel. Certainly for testing images or having a rescue system available it is very handy. Anyone interested I will add a guide to getting ArchBang working in this way.

Noticed this week quite a few updates to systemd and changes to hwdata, something I can update the weekend with a new iso.

Sorry for long post, got a bit more time on my hands now.

Stay safe…please feel free to contact me 😉