What a week….

Was really hoping 2022 would be a better year, for everyone not just myself. Their is a good chance I may lose my job next week. Until I know what is going to happen I cannot plan ahead. Will of course need to find another job very quickly. Friends and family are being a great support at the moment for that I am grateful. You will have to forgive me if I do not update iso as often as I may have to move/travel to find work.

Will upload new iso very soon 😉

Would also like to thank users for their support. Am going to thank thank them personally in the near future. Never have liked asking for money but I will need to keep the lights on at ArchBang and possibly look into expanding project in the future. Do not see ArchBang as I way of making a living but I would consider expanding project to develop or produce different isos.

EDIT Have updated Donate page to include my cryptocurrency wallet if you wish to donate in that manner. If someone could just send $1 and let me know at least then I can verify it is valid/working [many thanks]

As always stay safe where ever you are 😉