Largest number of downloads ever!!!!

Just checked the stats over on source forge, have had near 2000 downloads in three days! A new record 😉 Normally look at something around that after at least three weeks. Gives me the drive to carry on. Thank you so much, really pleased. Mr Green (o)>


My birthday today!!! Am going to set up a contributions page for users that have kindly given towards the project. Always try to thank people for there help. Still very surprised at number of downloads. Whats is ahead well I think installer needs a clean up than a rewrite. My secret project code named ‘Vole’ Contributions…

Issue with 31-8-19 iso

Had an email regarding an issue with 31-8-19 iso, Hua Pla could not access abinstall from Openbox menu. You can still run it from a terminal by using: sudo abinstall Managed to fix issue and have uploaded a new version… Thought it was a good opportunity to blend in sharedfuncs script with main installer. Maybe Issue with 31-8-19 iso

Switch to lxdm log in manager

Have had many users find it difficult to figure out how to run a log in manager or even stop auto login once installed. Decided to add lxdm log in manager. Live iso still logs in automatically. If you wish your user to have password login edit of /etc/lxdm/lxdm.conf. Find line: autologin= Then comment it Switch to lxdm log in manager

Want more room?

If you want to test out other applications or even a different desktop live you may find you run out of room. Iso disc space is set at 256mbs. If you have 2Gbs of ram or more then this might help. The following will increase cowspace (Copy On Write) to 1Gb sudo mount -o remount,size=1G Want more room?

Finally new iso uploaded

New iso uploaded, updated packages new deadbeef version and secret dmenu (super + shift + e). Any users running broadcom devices then drop me a message if you need b43 firmware included on iso. Need a break so am standing down for a week or two to get a well earned rest. Stay safe my Finally new iso uploaded

SourceForge issues

I had hoped to get another beta iso uploaded but am currently having issues with Source Forge. If problem persists then I will look at uploading iso somewhere else. Uploading files that are nearly 1Gb in size can take some time and you are very close to some services upload limit. Source Forge provides this SourceForge issues

ArchBang Patreon Support…

In addition to Paypal support I have now set up a Patreon page for ArchBang. Currently working towards SSL for site (although my hosting company is slow on getting it set up). These are extra costs to add to hosting and domain costs. Which I have managed to get at a very good price. Anything ArchBang Patreon Support…

New Iso Wallpaper, themes and updated kernel

Uploaded a new iso, highlights switched Openbox theme, new wallpaper (photo taken last weekend) Updated packages and kernel. Zen installer does take a little while to load required packages depending on network speed. Normally around 20 seconds at least to start. Thank you Zbysek MRAZ for your kind donation it all helps 😉 Mr Green