Making life easier…

Do not know why I did not do this before but finally got around to adding Gparted to abinstall. While I live in terminal, setting up partitions and filesystems can be a nightmare for new and experienced users. GParted will come up as an option, you can of course still do a manual set up Making life easier…

6.6 is finally here…

Have updated live iso to run 6.6 kernel, no other changes. Just wanted to keep image as up to date as possible. Starting work in Winter release in the next couple of weeks. Thank you so much for all the coffee, please keep ’em coming. Stay safe….

Adding a post install script to ArchBang

Upcoming iso images will feature a new post install script. abpost_install will perform the following: 1: Check for network connection 2: Make sure servers are setup [more for live image] 3: Create pacman keys required for package signing 4: Update system, install git base-devel and archlinux-keyring 5: Build and install yay Aur helper. To use Adding a post install script to ArchBang

I’m an idiot….

I had a issue with using testing repo recently, krb5 package was ahead of core. Got fed up with warning every time I updated so decided to remove it! Well that of course broke pacman. Ok so I broke it I need to fix it. So I loaded up ArchBang live and proceeded to chroot I’m an idiot….

Just a minor update….

Am going to get an iso update out today. No major changes other than maybe a kernel update. Was thinking about adding another page regarding system admin, some useful information here might help some. Personally my go to site is arch wiki, have it set up as a keyword in Firefox so a simply ‘aw Just a minor update….

Some things I need to share….

Openbox version seems to be popular and downloads are quite good, so I guess the switch back makes sense. Have been suffering for while with a chest infection, thankfully not covid related. So am a bit run down and not really in the mood for ricing [whatever that is?]. Have updated Guide both here and Some things I need to share….

Taking a break…..

Now building release version of ArchBang autumn, got to run some tests then will be uploading image very soon. Minor changes exitmenu is now only on tint2 panel and conky no longer displays date. If you click on clock in panel a calendar will appear. Tint2 is a little more fresh looking and have added Taking a break…..

ArchBang on Rumble….

Just uploaded a video of me trying to use ArchBang live 😉 Please visit like, share and subscribe.. Promise future content will be a little better, very new to the video blog creator thing and it shows.

More changes to Openbox version

I have been busy making even more changes to iso. Nothing major but I have now done quite a few things to make overall look better. Openbox: Small theme changes to increase font size and style Keybinds: Super + q close a window Super + m toggle fullscreen window Conky: Change of colour ArchBang now More changes to Openbox version