Update to latest iso image

I have just noticed that there is an error is latest release. Turns out that by using stock archiso files in /boot are removed once iso is built. This means that if you are installing ArchBang no kernel or initramfs will be present. Am rebuilding iso image and will get it uploaded. Forgive me as Update to latest iso image

Quick iso update

Another week, a new kernel release so am building and uploading a new iso image. Been looking again at wayland window managers, sway would be a drop in replacement for i3 then I came started reading abut something else. Hyprland is a very feature rich candy filling dynamic tiling window manager. Personally there is way Quick iso update

Seems things are a bit quiet….

Turns out my change to pipewire has failed. Bascially pavucontrol does not connect to server and so you have no sound live. There is a workaround if only a little long winded. Set your local mirrors via abserver, update and install pulseaudio package then run pulseaudio –start. This should allow pavucontrol and sound to work. Seems things are a bit quiet….

Found a small issue with installer

Just to make users aware I have found a small issue with installer. Mirrorlist changed recently to include Argentina mirrors, code looked for Australia [then top of list]. Anyway I had made the change with installer and should be fine now. Abserver script is unaffected as I had already updated it. Over weekend I have Found a small issue with installer

ArchBang is so 2012….

Two things have bothered me for some time now, sound and booting. Managed to bring syslinux up to date and was planning on getting uefi booting in line with it. Then I looked at archiso which ArchBang is built from and they use grub efi, so figured I would try it out. First thing I ArchBang is so 2012….

ArchBang Spring Release …

Pleased to announce release of ArchBang Spring iso. No major changes from ‘rc’ version other than the following: Updated to run latest mkarchiso Fixed syslinux splash after mkarchiso update. Locales should only use selected locale layout in installer. Both microcode packages in bootloader post installation. Panel now has launchers for terminal, browser and file manager. ArchBang Spring Release …