Vole just got lighter

Managed to shave near 100Mbs off iso size (though still no UEFI yet).

Added a new folder called Vole which contains useful things like dwm and st configs and a small guide.

Downloads for Vole were 18 in the last week, will have to see what happens over next month. Guess its more of an exercise for me at the moment to see if I can produce a small useful yet extendable iso.

Changes included removing Network Manager, nano and clearing out /boot (this alone saved over 50mbs). File in /boot were more for ArchBang to be used with abinstall so not needed here.

Have toned down colour in dwm, and increased font size in st. Will not be adding patches at this stage with alpha builds.

Licence for dwm and st are now in Vole folder, a certain project gave me a telling off for leaving them out (lesson learned).

Stay safe 😉