Another year of hosting

Archbang website lives for another year 😉

Project_Vole had 10 downloads last week a new record. At some point I will update iso and upload, scroll has been added and I think I may have changed font in st.

Have a love hate relationship with DWM. I love the 60/40 split when cracking open terminals. Have an i3 like experience (which I am used too). Comes with none of the bloat of other window managers. Config is easy to figure out… (though I did a bit of searching for some things).

I cannot stand patching! its like buying a car then adding the bits you need after. Rebuilding DWM after every minor change gets boring very quickly!

Basically want a Window Manager that keeps out of the way and does what I need and DWM certainly does that and very well.

Stay safe out there, if you are allowed out 😉