32bit issue….

I have had little interest in 32bit version so am planning to retire image in the near future. Have had a email from a user with an issue in ArchBang32 with sudo. Gmail flagged mail as spam so am very wary of answering it. Figured safer to get a post out instead. Will look at 32bit issue….

ArchBang with Nix…

Am currently working on a release that includes NixOS package manager. Iso is named archbang-nix-rc and will allow users to try out nix package manager live. NixOS site has a wealth of information, wiki, guides etc so visit site Once you boot ArchBang, set up networking (wired should work automatically), then open a terminal and ArchBang with Nix…

What on earth is Nix?

Well I have been playing with Nix this week. First on my chromebook and now on my desktop. What is it, simply put it is a package like pacman but on a different level. Am going to create an iso that will ship with nix should anyone wish to try it out. I could not What on earth is Nix?

I need new glasses…..

Have updated iso image and added in iwd and lxappearance. Iwd is wireless daemon, the later allows you to change settings in a gtk theme. As I do not use ArchBang live on a daily basis can only go by feedback as regards to look and feel. Currently font size is set in i3 config I need new glasses…..

Let the source be with you….

Am uploading a new updated iso at the moment. Upgraded kernel and fresh packages. Have updated mkarchiso (latest pacman version) as archiso no longer supports custom rootfs scripts. Archiso now uses pacman hooks to make minor changes to rootfs (things like locales, timezone, hostname etc). So I created a simple hook that calls custom script. Let the source be with you….

Time off….

Am updating iso early this week as I am away for a few days. No real major changes just updated packages, kernel etc.. EDIT I have reuploaded iso to fix Network Manager issue, seems that iwd backend was not working…. Been running ArchLabs version of Sway on an old laptop and am quite impressed. Can Time off….

Changes to iso…

I made some changes to iso that some users may be interested in. Fixed pacman-key issue, basically I had not added archlinux-keyring package to package list. This means that once servers are set and you have a working network connection you can install packages via pacman. After many years of shipping ArchBang with pcmanfm it Changes to iso…

Where did I put my keys?

Well I am back with a new iso this week. Had a short break kind of vacation if you will. Am away the week after next house sitting for some good friends. Will try to update Friday next week if I can. Had an interesting email from a user in the week with some requests Where did I put my keys?

Keyboard Layout Live….

Am updating iso as I type. New kernel updated packages etc. Have made a change to keyboard layout live, it is now set to US and timezone is back to the original Canada/Montreal. Only reason I changed it was because testing iso images meant I had to change layout for me to be able to Keyboard Layout Live….

Sun is out and so is a new kernel update…

Am uploading an new iso image as there was a kernel update. Kernel 5.18.10. No other changes just like to keep things fresh. Was just checking packages and saw that I had switched firefox for netsurf…. have included firefox in this iso once more 😉 Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Stay safe 😉