Upcoming Summer release…

Building a new iso image with updated packages and latest kernel. Will get it uploaded shortly.

I am totally amazed at the number of downloads 32bit version has had. Either users are downloading image via latest version link on sourceforge or there is more interest in ti than I first thought. Thinking it might be worth updating image to fix uefi booting [which does work! just currently set at x86_64].

Summer release will include i3 titling window manager, my muscle memory cannot work in Openbox any more so adding i2 will make my development life easier. It will be bare bones, simple bar and theme but enough to be useful. Could be a nice intro into a tiling window manager too.

Been looking at other window managers and two have surprised me, icewm and awesomewm. They are both rich on features and do quite a few things out of the box that many other managers do not include. Again I am still very much an i3 user….

Please if you would like to support my work on ArchBang then please think about a small donation or coffee, bitcoin welcome 😉

Stay safe….