Small changes to iso image and new update script….

Recently had a request for volume control in ArchBang, would have used volumeicon in the past but it is alsa only. So added a volume icon to tint2 panel which works by using scroll wheel mouse to raise and lower volume, middle click to toggle mute. Right clicking on volume icon will bring up pavucontrol gui for sound options.

On the keyboard front added media keys for volume up/down/toggle mute, also Super + < [lower] or > [raise] volume and Super + x toggle mute.

At some point will add keyboard controls to Conky 😉

Another interesting request was an ArchBang update script, confused me at first but basically they wanted to update theme, wallpaper, configuration files for ArchBang say go from Winter to Spring without having to reinstall. Am still working on script at the moment but will update here once I have something working.

Will get an iso image out over weekend, once kernel updates settle down.

Stay safe….