ArchBang will soon be on YouTube….

I am in the process of setting up a You Tube channel to showcase ArchBang and what it can do. Very early days yet, like no videos or anything setup but aim to get something uploaded over the next week.


Do not expect voice overs or music I am very new to this whole You Tube creator thing.

Please like, share and subscribe [once I get something uploaded!] it will be a passive way to help out the project.

In other news my update_archbang script was giving me grief, the logic just was not working for me so have gone back to the drawing board. Overwriting a users config files always felt wrong to me and some files and folders in source have no changes so do not need to copied over. Am concerned that if a user has made changes to say tint2 the config file will be replaced. Did think about backing up files but even that creates a whole load of pain. Think I will simply warn a user before replacing files and folders then they are free to backup if need be. Also there are a couple of package changes in ArchBang, dunst is one that needs to be installed. I will update you all when I have something that is working better.

New iso image coming very soon.

Have a great weekend.

Stay safe…