ArchBang Spring release ….

I am soon uploading an ‘rc’ version of ArchBang Spring for testing. New themes, wallpaper [well maybe not new but UK has had nothing but rain for weeks now!], colour changes and some minor tweaks.

Openbox has returned along with tint2 and conky. Archinstall is still present at the moment as well as tmux for your terminal pleasure.

During testing of Spring release I noticed that tint2 was disappearing and even running from a terminal ended in a seg fault. A bit of searching online I came across an issue with latest Conky release. A suggestion was made to change a setting in conkyrc which seemed to work.

In ~/.config/conky.conf change own_window option to false. This is part of new release so hopefully fixes the issue.

I have noticed something else in tint2. When switching desktops the desktop indicator stays at 1. Again something I am looking into but have not found any solution yet.

Thinking of switching panel to run either lxpanel or xfce4-panel, both are very capable and easy to use.

Please test Spring release let me know if you have any issues.

As always if you like ArchBang please think about supporting project and visit donations page.

Stay safe.