ArchBang with a little spice……

This week been messing with other windows managers under ArchBang. Never been much of an xfce4 fan, does have all the toys and would make a good fit but I really do not like the feel of of it. JWM would be another choice but again I could never get it the way I wanted. Joe a very good friend at EndeavourOS suggested Cinnamon. I thought iso image would shoot up to a couple of gigs in size but I was very surprised at how close it is to the 1gb of regular Openbox version.

Comes with many features that I have to add to Openbox to get a more desktop feel. Cinnamon includes a panel, dynamic menu and desktop icons. Not too mention various settings apps. Window snapping is standard to give a tiling manager feel.

Now image I have uploaded is to say the least a little rough around the edges but does work well. Installer can be found in main menu on panel.

Also comes with archinstall should you want to so a more official installation of archlinux.

Give it a go let me know what you think 😉

Will be working on Spring release over next few weeks so normal service will resume…

Stay safe.