Just a minor update….

Am going to get an iso update out today. No major changes other than maybe a kernel update.

Was thinking about adding another page regarding system admin, some useful information here might help some. Personally my go to site is arch wiki, have it set up as a keyword in Firefox so a simply ‘aw foo’ will bring up any pages relating to search.

Something bothered me recently as I had a user contact me about pacman not working in ArchBang. Thing is once installed you are running Archlinux with a set of configs and packages. With very little information to go on I did what I would do, clear pacman cache, check logs, possibly remove packages that refuse to update or install.

You have to be mindful of how often/old updates are, changes in pacman do affect system [but nothing that can be easily fixed if you are aware].

At the worse case scenario, back up any needed data and reinstall. I have done it many times it is never a fault of arch [subject to terms and conditions] but user error. Namely my fault ;-). Always installing stuff, building packages, changing things and sometimes it goes wrong. Have never really got into backing up stuff, so am my own worst enemy. Sure things I use on my phone or ipad are cloud backed but I do not keep much important stuff on my pcs or laptop.

Downloads are again very good so waiting for large donations to help me through upcoming winter 😉

Stay safe 😉