Autumn has arrived, now that I have renamed iso image ;-)

Well have finally uploaded an ‘rc’ version of ArchBang and have made many changes. Most no one will noticed but I will run through a few things that may be of interest.


Theme changes to look and colours to AB_Green inactive windows now show window control icons.
Main menu now has ArchBang title.
Added a Settings section in main menu which includes obconf, lxappearance and tint2conf as well as a way to reconfigure Openbox after any changes.

New Keybinds:

Super + q closes a window
Super + m toggles maximize window
Super + Arrow keys Snap window in the arrow direction (try it!)

Really do not like the Applications section as it seems very messy and quite a few so called apps do not work from it. Am in favour of users running Rofi instead…


Did not know that tint2 supports buttons and after I figured how to use them, now have buttons as a kind of launcher in panel. Gives a more modern look not unlike i3blocks. Will be adding an exit menu in the near future.


Nothing Major just a colour change and move to nearer top of screen, do want to add ArchBang title for future releases.

I maybe getting close to old Openbox versions of ArchBang but hopefully with a more modern look.

Am thinking of adding tiling options Openbox but might be pushing my luck 😉

Just checked downloads of last weeks image and they are over a thousand, that makes me happy that all my hard work is paying off. Although I had used Openbox for many years when I started running Archlinux. Have forgotten a lot of the stuff I knew and had to learn more. Am still waiting to get any real feedback on new iso.

Am going to fix progress bar in installer but I do need to test it before I share with the world.

Stay safe ….