More changes to Openbox version

I have been busy making even more changes to iso. Nothing major but I have now done quite a few things to make overall look better.


Small theme changes to increase font size and style


Super + q close a window
Super + m toggle fullscreen window


Change of colour
ArchBang now as header 😉
Added day, date and month still work in progress [thanks to Sharp]


Added colour to buttons, removed launchers
Exit button which links to a rofi menu…

Now that I have exitmenu in tint2 will remove Exit option in the near future from main menu.

Need to look at desktop switching via keyboard and moving applications to other desktops. There are some options in default rc.xml file but will look at making them more user friendly.

Generally think I am getting close to old ArchBang with a modern twist. The little feedback I have had is quite positive too.

Uploading an updated image so you can see my progress, if no kernel update later will see you all next week.

Stay safe…..