ArchBang Autumn ‘beta’ release…

I really thought that switching ArchBang to i3 was a good idea, but I was very wrong. Switched to a i3 tiling window manager years ago and it was a learning curve but day by day things just made more sense, workflow got faster and easier. So why not change ArchBang to run it? Well most long time users of ArchBang did not like the change or thought it broke what ArchBang was meant to be, an archlinux based version of crunchbang.

Did not take long to see the damage but I thought over time users would see the benefits and things improve, but they did not!

So decided to rebuild ArchBang using Openbox window manager 😉

It has been many years since I have used it and took me quite a while to get back into it. Uploaded a beta iso image, it works but still needs some changes.


Tint2 Panel
Archlinux-Xdg-Menu for applications menu in Openbox
Conky showing system stats and key binds
Obconf Openbox configuration

Panel needs more work as does overall look, Autumn has not really hit the UK yet so do not have any photos that really suits the season yet.

Archlinux-Xdg-Menu was and still is not the best menu generator so will have to work on removing odd items from menu.

Conky should be more like the old ArchBang versions so am on the hunt for a vintage config.

Not gone overboard with this iso release. Install option is only present in main menu, really did not see the point of adding a keybind and having to remove it all post install. Another option I would like in menu/keybind is reconfigure, useful if you make small changes in obconf or menu or rc file.

Guide has been updated with basic information too.

More work needs to be done but hopefully you will enjoy Openbox return.

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Stay safe….