Thunar has thumbnails…

Have uploaded a new iso image, latest kernel and some small changes to source. Never use Thunar very much but it always annoyed me it had no thumbnails of images. Well a quick search found the solution Tumbler 😉 It is now part of latest image.

Other small changes well I have removed most of the old Sway configs and settings.

Alacritty is now default kernel of ArchBang yay!

Quick tip if you want to try out floating windows why not test them on a given workspace?

Add following code to ~/.config/i3/config, reload i3 by using Super+Shift+r

# test this for floating on one workspace
for_window [workspace="4"] floating enable

i3 is a tiling window manager and it is frowned upon to use floating windows but sometimes it can be useful to see what you are doing. Not only that it makes for better screenshots.

Stay safe ….