Clash of the key binds…

I thought I was being very clever when I set Control + c for copy in Alacritty. Well it came back to bite me!

Control + C in a terminal cancels a command so if I had something running I could not end/stop it. So I had to go back to the drawing board. Have switched copying to Control + g [g as in grab text]. Have made changes to ArchBang for next iso image.

Have been reading up [and watching videos on] tmux, neovim and these incredible setups that developers have. Do I need these things? Are they going to help me? Or can I find an easier way?

In other news downloads seem to be increasing, guess switch back to i3 made people happier. For upcoming Autumn release I will change some of the binds in i3 config, have never liked or used the resize option that comes with stock config and I think it can go. May move i3blocks config into i3 folder [Thanks Joe!]. Cleared out some of the old sway configs too. Alacritty will now become ArchBang standard terminal.

Why I am blogging in the middle of the week? well am on holiday at the moment. Not away in some exotic location, got stuff to do around the house and garden.

Stay safe….