Am now a year older….

Have just updated iso image, no major changes. Noticed that copytoram feature live now uses pv to give some output, which is nice rather than system doing nothing while it loads into ram.

It will be my Birthday this Sunday so I will mostly eating cake and drinking. So do not plan on doing any updates or working on ArchBang over this or next weekend as I will be away.

My mind still is thinking about Autumn release and I do need to find/take a photo for Background then I can figure themes,colours etc… Hopefully Conky will be in a more useful position. Was messing around with Polybar it is ok but it is far more complicated than i3blocks. There is a feature in Polybar I would like to add to ArchBang but more for Autumn release.

What I have found odd is that now I have switched back to i3, all the other big archlinux distros are shipping with Wayland, Hyprland and Sway. Guess I will revisit it if Xorg finally retires.

Have a god weekend

Stay safe ….