New day new kernel…

Woke up to another kernel update so have updated iso image.

Added Alacritty terminal to ArchBang for now you can try it out via rofi launcher [Super + d]. To make changes to alacritty you do need to edit a config file which at first can seem a little complicated. It lives in ~/.config/alacritty. For more information visit Arch wiki page on Alacritty.

Also included some different themes to try out, simply change the name of the theme in config file, it is at the start of file so very easy to find. Themes are in the well themes folder 😉

Keybinds are way down near the end of the config file and for now have only enabled some of them. Copy and paste is one as well as a way to adjust font size. Not decided on which font to use so for now running it with monospace.

It will become default terminal in upcoming autumn release.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Stay safe…