Got a new box…

Have been wanting to upgrade my system for over a year now. The old 3770 intel was around ten years old and was starting to show its age. Saw a budget build on you tube based on the AMD 5700G with a low end mother board and 32Gb of Ram.

Did grab an after market cpu cooler and was glad I did, these ryzens do run hot!

Have already got a basic gpu which is passive with 2Gb of ram and may well upgrade that in the near future.

After installing ArchBang I copied over my old files from old drive to my new 500Gb nvme and stated to test iso builds.

An ArchBang iso image builds in half the time on my new box (at around 3 mins!). All was well until I updated to 6.4.4 and then applications took forever to load or not even start.. After reading some posts on Archlinux forums thought kernel might be the issue. So am currently writing this post from Windows 11 [ewwwww]… I have an ssd drive in addition to nvme so for things like itunes or slicer software I need to use Windows. Sure Cura does work under arch but at the moment it is like walking through mud.

Have not had windows running on a drive for many many years, mostly used VMs. My switch to Wayland brought up new challenges as VirtualBox does not seem to work under it.

Can see that 6.4.5 is in testing so once it hits main repos I will test again, reassy do not want to load kubuntu 😉

Stay safe……