Latest release and some other news….

Have just uploaded a new iso image including latest kernel release. Am aware that many regular users are not that keen on Sway window manager and would rather have Openbox with X return. If you take a look at Openbox website you can see last update was quite some time ago, news link.

Quite happy to recreate Openbox version if needed, however I do not currently have a lot of spare time to work on it. Possibly in the Autumn, not sure I want the same bloated image of older versions. Maybe a dual boot version, but that means image will be larger, something I really want to avoid. Recent downloads have been quite poor and am thinking maybe ArchBang as a project has run its course.

Did buy myself a cheap 3d printer, and needed something to Slice. Loaded Cura via Yay (aur) but it was not very happy and kept breaking and it also messy with some xdg-desktop-profiles which made system painfully slow. With a little help from Seth on Arch forums who had an idea of issue I managed to fix it and removed Cura. So for now I am using slicers in Windows 11 ;-(… Until I can find one that works with my printer and is open source.

Real world news my car failed its MOT and needs welding work, something I cannot relally afford at the moment.

An ArchBang YouTube channel to help pay bills? Not sure anyone would subscribe that?

Stay safe …