Added Gaps control to windows in Sway….

Have added a couple of binds to ArchBang that allow you to control Gaps. At the moment you can use Super + Plus/Minus on keyboard keypad to control inner gaps. This of course is not going to be of much use to some laptop owners so will look at an alternative binds.

An example of what I am talking about is in my last post

Updated iso image will be soon available with this option.

The current ArchBang build system cpu is over ten years old. So have bought a new motherboard, ram, cpu and nvme drive. It is not going to be able to do high end gaming but for my needs it will be fine. Will share more on build once components arrive.

I could not have managed to buy this without users support and donations which will help towards some of the cost. Am going to sell old system at some point, however I do need to keep money coming in. To that end I have added a affiliate link at Temu This can also be found on my Donations page.

Thank you all for your continuing support 😉

Have a great weekend and stay safe….