Spring changes to wallpaper, theme and installer.

Was thinking that background in Spring release looked at bit too winter like, so I have changed it. Made other minor changes to theme colours. Had to make a minor change to installer to remove correctly abinstall from target device. Also during install mkinitcpio creates initramfs using zstd as standard.

Other things I will work on is adding a scratchpad to i3, it is a very cool way of putting an application in a floating window which can then be toggled to show or hide on a key press. Generally want to tidy up i3 config, add more comments. Might remove resize as I never use it and changing a windows size can be done using a mouse if need be.

Take a look:

Something else that needs to go:

# change focus
bindsym $mod+j focus left
bindsym $mod+k focus down
bindsym $mod+l focus up
bindsym $mod+semicolon focus right

I have never used these vi like binds in i3, so am thinking of removing them from ArchBang i3 config. Note you can always recreate a stock config using i3-config-wizard or you need to recover config its is here

Quick bonus tip in Vim to copy to system clipboard highlight lines to be copied then type “+y

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Stay safe 😉