Cars, bikes and Dynamic Tiling in i3….

Have had quite a week my car is finally fixed after 5 weeks of being off the road. Am now £400 worse off and to top it all I had a puncture while riding my bike home last night from work. Good news is pay day yesterday, got a long weekend as Monday here in the UK is a bank holiday and the sun has finally come out.

Got so much to tell you all so may make a couple of posts over weekend.

Check out this list of lightweight distros, one might be familiar 😉

Am adding in an alternating layout script to ArchBang for next release. As it is based on Python and i3ipc it will only be available installed as I do not want to ship Python for just one small script. It could be tested live if you set up mirrors install python-i3ipc package and uncomment line in i3 config. Will create a post with more information about it.

A screenshot might help:


Right I had better get on and build latest version, updated kernel and packages.

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Stay safe 😉